WorkFit Goes to Cape Town

WorkFit Goes to Cape Town

For the first time since the start of the project, the WorkFit team visited Cape Town in August. This visit was scheduled after requests from some of the organisations we’d interacted with during the first phase of the project. 


The trip was filled with enlightening meetings around youth employability initiatives in the Mothercity as well as WorkFit’s full day workshop and cocktail evening which definitely proved to be one of the team’s main highlights for the project.

The workshop was held at Newlands Cricket Stadium – an ode to our brand: tying in the concept of youth employability and fitness/athleticism – and was attended by several community-focused organisations as well as other key role players in the youth employability field. Some of these organisations included Youth Capital, Dream Factory Foundation, Unlockd, Action Volunteers Africa (AVA), Kolping Society South Africa, DreamXchange, Scalabrini, Fuel Online and the Zanokhanyo Network.

The workshop was facilitated by Chris Vorwerk and Mike Stuart of the WorkFit team and encouraged the attendees to analyse their current operations and views of traditional concepts such as stakeholders. This proved to be very interesting and resulted in several revelations for the group. Some of these revelations included:


1. The youth in your programmes today are both clients and beneficiaries and later could become potential investors, contributors and partners. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to keep a database of all your youth. 


2. Parents of the youth also take on many roles and as such become a very important stakeholder group


Following on from an engaging and dynamic workshop, the attendees joined the WorkFit team in a celebratory cocktail evening: saying congratulations and farewell to a successful first phase and introducing the exciting second phase of the WorkFit Campaign. Read more about this new phase here.


Watching the sunset over the Newlands Cricket Stadium and reflecting on the past 21 months of the project, we couldn’t have thought of a more fitting way to end off our first trip to Cape Town. All in all, a successful and memorable trip to the Mothercity.

Stephanie Bührer


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