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Advance your Youth Employability Programmes

with WorkFit Campus.

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Offering practitioners the tools, resources and conversations necessary to advance and scale their work-readiness interventions. It is a community supported by an online platform designed to share global best-practices and emerging solutions with like-minded practical visionaries.

Course Outline

A practical short course to analyse, improve and scale your youth employability programme using global research in best practices.

Course Format

Customisable, self-directed learning journey supported by specialist mentors, extensive online resource library and community of practice.

Course Duration

Approximately three months.


This duration will depend on the complexity of your challenge and will be determined by what you want to achieve.

Course Benefits

The main aim of WorkFit Campus is to add value to you and your organisation, by:

  • Improving your youth work placement rates
  • Improving your programme success rates
  • Optimising your programme systems and processes to reduce costs
  • Helping you access new partnerships
  • Providing you with access to industry experts to discover and develop effective practices for your youth employability programmes
  • Helping you stay up-to-date with the accelerated pace of developments
  • Growing your stakeholder network
  • Recognising the successes you have achieved

Course Structure

  1. Introduction to Youth Unemployment and Demand-Driven Training 
  2. The Skills Value Chain for Employability 
  3. The Role-players
  4. Diagnostic Assessment of your Skills Value Chain
  5. Solving Programme Challenges

Course Outcomes

Understanding local and international approaches to addressing youth employability

  • Understanding the global context
  • Understanding the local context


Understanding Demand Driven Training

  • Understanding the spectrum of Demand Driven Training
  • Understanding the Youth Employability Value Chain


Describing a specific youth employability programme

  • Applying youth employment models and terminology to your programme
  • Applying theories of change and business models to a programme


Analysing the selected programme

  • Identifying gaps and opportunities in the programme
  • Identifying improvements in the selected programme
  • Applying tools and techniques for analysing programmes


Designing and planning the improvement process for the selected programme

  • Applying tools techniques for designing improvement programmes


Implementing the improvement process for the selected programme

  • Applying tools and techniques for implementing programmes


Monitoring and Evaluating the improvement process for the selected programme

  • Applying tools techniques for monitoring evaluating programmes

Target Audience

BBBEE Managers
Career Guidance Practitioners
CSI/CSR/CSV Managers
Human Resources
Partnership Managers
Project Manager
Skills Development Facilitators
SSS practitioners
Training Managers

Bursary Managers

Community/Employer liaison



Policy Makers

Recruitment Practitioners

SETA staff

Skills Development Providers

Training Consultants

WIL Co-Ordinators

Course Requirements

You are required to have experience of (or be involved in some aspect of) a youth employability programme.