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SenseMaker Survey

Calling all TVETs, SETAs and Employers

The WorkFit Campaign, is interested in improving TVET College – Employer partnerships because research shows that this can have a direct impact on improving youth work readiness. Please help us deepen our understanding of these  partnership dynamics by spending 10 – 15 minutes of your time responding to our SenseMaker survey below.

How the Survey works

The survey begins by asking you to share a story of your experience in a TVET – employer partnership (past or present), and then respond to questions about the meaning of the story. Our team would greatly appreciate your input and can assure you that all your responses are completely anonymous. We will publish the survey analysis on our website and will share the underlying data with research partners, such as JET Education Services, to ensure your experiences become part of the research body which informs government policy improvements.

Time until Survey closes

If you would like more information on SenseMaker surveys, please visit: http://www.morebeyond.co.za/avoiding-incorrect-expectations-positioning-sensemaker/.


If you have any questions or concerns, click here – we are here to help.