We seek to positively impact
youth employment in South Africa

We strengthen TVET college and university students'
work readiness in line with employer's needs

The WorkFit Toolkit is a resource for improving the work readiness capabilities of youth and education organisations. It is based on research into the practices of leading work readiness providers from around the world (many of them South African) and was developed by the Rockefeller Foundation, in collaboration with Making Cents International, under the Digital Jobs Africa (DJA) initiative.


The WorkFit Campaign seeks to positively impact youth employment in South Africa by working with public TVET colleges and universities to strengthen the work readiness of their students in line with employer needs.

Besides promoting awareness around the Toolkit and supporting its adoption, the WorkFit Campaign will offer technical support to selected work readiness interventions in the public Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) space, as well as engage with researchers and policy makers to support a better enabling environment for college and university graduate employability.

In recognition of the numerous youth employment initiatives across society, as well as projects underway throughout the post-school landscape, WorkFit will not duplicate existing efforts, and will build on the lessons of past initiatives. WorkFit will focus its efforts on linkages and synergies with existing stakeholders and will seek to unlock potential breakthroughs in carefully selected, catalytic interventions.

The Department of Higher Education & Training gratefully received the WorkFit Toolkit at a ceremony in Johannesburg on 19 October 2017. The global launch of the Toolkit at this event also marked the start of the 18 month WorkFit Campaign supported by the Rockefeller Foundation and led by IQbusiness Pty (Ltd).Additional partners and co-funders are welcome to join us in this mission.


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