Making the Right Choice: WorkFit partners with Khetha

Making the Right Choice: WorkFit partners with Khetha

July 2019 represents the 20th month of the WorkFit Campaign advancing South African youth employability programmes. During these 20 months, WorkFit has had numerous engagements with different stakeholders across this space.

One of the most successful engagements to date has been with DHET’s Career Development Services – known as Khetha. Their main focus is to bring free, quality career information, advice and counselling services to South Africans of all walks of life.

Khetha entered into a partnership with WorkFit in 2018. This partnership involves WorkFit providing technical support for Khetha’s Internship Programme and their Community College Student Support Plan. During this time, the WorkFit team has been impressed by the passion and dedication of the Khetha staff.

We have also been exposed to the range of services that Khetha has on offer. This includes:


  • News: Get the latest news on information relating to higher education, training and careers.


  • National Career Advice Portal: Guides you in choosing the right subjects and career and informs you about occupations.


  • Self-Help: Offering advice on subject choice, career choice, job fit and self-exploration.


  • Information Hub: A great information source for career practitioners.


These services are freely available to anyone who would like to use them and can be accessed either by phone, SMS, email or visiting their walk-in office in Pretoria. 

Register today on Khetha’s Career Practitioner Hub to access their support services:



Stephanie Bührer

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