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WorkFit says YES to Youth Employment Solutions

The Workfit Team visited YES4Youth in April and chatted to CEO Dr. Tashmia Ismail-Saville about synergies between the two initiatives which seek to positively impact youth unemployment. YES is happening  YES is gaining significant traction. They have 87 000 youth registered on their system. In the first four


Youth Employment Service gets a boost

The Youth Employment Service (YES) got a boost this week. The Codes of Good Practice for the Youth Employment Service (YES) were published on Tuesday. You can download them from here. YES is a business-led initiative supported by Government and Labour. The purpose of the YES campaign


Youth Employment at the Top of the National Agenda

It is significant that President Ramaphosa has placed youth employment at the top of the national agenda and is matching words with actions in the form of incentives and support for initiatives like the Youth Employment Service (YES). YES is a business-led collaboration with government and labour that emerged