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The WorkFit Campaign is currently reaching out to role-players across the country to ensure their inputs inform our Campaign. Once we have completed this phase we will have more information on specific avenues for participation for various role-players. In the interim, we have summarised below the broad opportunities for participation that we see for the main role-player groupings.

TVET and University Campuses


Joining the Campaign will mean that you can benefit from a variety of resources and support to improve your Student Support Services performance in exit support. However we understand that employability is an issue the whole campus cares about, so we intend to include academics, support staff and student support services in our focus.

Beyond the free WorkFit Toolkit you will get access to a diagnostics tool to help identify your current work readiness maturity level, and this will direct you to specific parts of the Toolkit for further help. Our Campaign will be engaging with campuses on a targeted basis to offer additional support beyond this, including linkages to youth employment initiatives and partnerships, and technical support to specific work readiness interventions.



Many employers are seeking to open up work opportunities for youth in their organisations yet struggle to adapt their HR policies and working environments to new entrants. They often have access to only the most visible talent pool of youth to select from, meaning that they miss out on a bigger skills pipeline that may be more suited to their organisations. These factors drive up the cost of recruitment and may result in higher churn. Impact Sourcing has a proven business case to offer employers, but accessing high potential,disadvantaged youth, is not always easy.

WorkFit is supporting the public TVET and University campuses to strengthen their employability capabilities and make them more accessible to employers for graduate recruitment purposes. The free WorkFit Toolkit can help employers to understand the work readiness journey (some aspects of which may take place in their workplaces) and how to partner with campuses in the other parts of the work readiness journey. We will also be providing technical support to targeted work readiness interventions linking TVET and university campuses to employers.



Youth are the end beneficiaries of improved work readiness capabilities at public TVET colleges and universities, so all our work is ultimately aimed at supporting you!

As a young work-seeker or youth leader you are welcome to download the Toolkit so you can understand the work readiness journey and support your campus in improving exit support and graduate placement. You will probably find Ikusasa Lami even more useful if you want to develop your own employability and need a practical guide to doing so, and Kheta has some amazing resources and links to take you further. We will be adding to the Links section of this website soon with more resources and guides for young work seekers.