WorkFit Phase 1 Comes Full Circle

WorkFit Phase 1 Comes Full Circle

Following a successful event in Cape Town on 22 August, the WorkFit team gathered at Emoyeni Conference venue in Parktown on Thursday, 29 August to close out phase 1 of the WorkFit Campaign. Surrounded by familiar faces as well as new and excited ones, the WorkFit team kicked off their final event at the same venue in which the WorkFit Toolkit and phase 1 of the project had been launched in October 2017 – bringing the WorkFit initiative full circle. 

The session was opened with warm greetings to all the attendees. A brief overview of the origin of the WorkFit project was given, followed by the story of our brand. This paved the way to discuss some of the most important lessons learnt during the past 21 months. These included: 


  • Increasing our focus to include intermediaries
  • Adapting our approach and expanding on resources
  • Organisational HR practices need to change, highlighting the importance of partnerships
  • WorkFit Toolkit is a useful framework to evaluate school work programmes
  • National Skills Conference highlighted the importance of developing skills in our youth
  • Widespread request for a training programme based on the Toolkit


In closing, the phase 2 of the WorkFit Campaign was launched. Read more about this exciting new phase here.

Stephanie Bührer

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