The Benefits of the WorkFit Campaign

The Benefits of the WorkFit Campaign

As a TVET College or University there are numerous benefits to partnering with the WorkFit Campaign

Access to Resources and Technical Support

Joining WorkFit means you’ll gain access to numerous resources as well as technical support to improve the employability outcomes of your college or university. The result of this is that your students will stand a greater chance of finding employment and retaining their jobs due to their overall better fit with employers’ needs.

Improve your DHET performance outcomes

WorkFit Campuses will have an advantage in meeting and exceeding DHET performance outcomes for employer partnerships, lecturer work experience and student workplace-based exposure.

Get Recognition as a Campus of Choice

Partnering with the WorkFit Campaign means that your campus may improve its image and reputation in the community and amongst employers. This in turn can increase the level of support and funding you receive.

To find out more about how you can get WorkFit now, click here.


Stephanie Bührer

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